Gettin’ Hot In Here

May 18th, 2009

Via Narcy (he who has a new album for pre-order) is some truly picture-is-unrelated level of what in video form. It’s more than one track too.


April 14th, 2009

I am a fan of the truly odd Radio 1 DJ and Pimp My Ride UK presenter Tim Westwood, and this has only been enhanced by the wonderful glimpse of his life you get from his Twitter. I’ve collected some of my favourite moments:

Needed to wash the curtains – they’ve all shrunk by a foot! Now they don’t even cover the windows! That’s fucked up! – TimWestwood

Got in late last nite. Nicked a bottle of milk from the building next store. The top came off & spilt all over my best jacket. Bloody karma! – TimWestwood

I don’t understand why some shops are still shut today – I guess its another kebab from edgware road – same place I ate Christmas Day – TimWestwood

And this wonderful sequence of taking the office to Nando’s tweets.

I’ve asked everyone at the office to have a late lunch – cos there’s no sense goin to Nandos super-hungry cos I’m payin – TimWestwood

just brought some bars of chocolate – goin to give them to everyone just we before we go Nando’s – TimWestwood

ha – got hot cross buns! Gonna serve them at 7pm – by time we get to nando’s everyone will only be ordering 1/4 chickens & no desert – TimWestwood

Those hot cross buns went down a treat & now some chocolate for the non Christians. Also we goin to share one bottomless coke glass – TimWestwood

One of the team asked if they could bring their girl tonite – not on my bloody tab! How ghetto is that! – TimWestwood

this better not cost more £35 in total for the 7 of us – was hoping a couple of them would cancel! – TimWestwood

Mad love for the big dog.


April 11th, 2009

Inspired by Warren Ellis, I’ve been playing with an online playlist/mp3 type doobry called 8tracks. It’s sort of like muxtapes if you recall that, not sure how long it’ll last before being shut down, but fun for sticking together playlists for people. In the spirit of things I’ve put up a fairly random collection of hip-hop (including precisely 0 tracks from the new Elemental as it didn’t CDDB and I’m feeling lazy vis-a-vis entering track names)

Dutch PHP Conference

April 9th, 2009

For those with staff development money to burn and who fancy some conference action, I’m speaking at the Dutch PHP Conference in June, on Document Classification in PHP (the whole conference is in English by the by). The line up is pretty impressive this year, with three tracks over two days and being in Amsterdam there’s easy access to what most people go to Holland for – hagelslag on toast. There’s also a tutorial day before the main conference with some in depth day-long sessions.

Rupert – Just Woke Up

April 4th, 2009

Rup - Just Woke UpRupert is the rapper formerly known as Rup, and last weekend I had the pleasure of getting an excellent package containing his latest CD, a Naim 7″, and some sort of orange-y sweet (since consumed).

I’ve been into Rup’s stuff for a while, since hearing (possibly on Excalibur’s show, possibly on the Dugout) Angels & Devils, which was an absolute cracker of a track. I remember going to something around christmas one year at the Pressure Point, which he was also attending, going over and expressing how much of a banger that tune was and being met with a general look of confusion (possibly because me and my brother were one of a very select group there that weren’t actually rappers – the open mic caused a general emptying of the audience).

This new album is a quite a big jump, over the stuff I’ve heard previously, in it’s cohesion – the whole thing feels like it belongs together, rather than being just a collection of tracks. That said there are some standouts: the opener Make Moves bounces along on a fantastic synthy beat, and posse cut South of the River is just ridiculous, a proper head nodder with some nice lines from all involved “it’s south west/land of the bounced checks”. My favourite track is another Evil Sun production (with a bit of a Kanye Graduation feel, in a good way), Night Night, which is a bit more introspective, as is the closer Geography*.

The Naim 7″ (he also produced a track on the album) is two tracks of slightly Hot Chippian singing plus synths type music, both pretty catchy (particularly Sexy which seems one ad placement away from being on Radio 1 heavy rotation).

You can get the CD online at the Hear Today site for the reasonable sum of £6.50, though the run wasn’t massive so I have no idea how long they’ll be available!

* Though to be fair geology and tectonophysics also get a look in on the track.

Steven ‘Producer Credit’ Seagal

March 16th, 2009

I had the pleasure of watching the latest Seagal direct to dvd yesterday, Pistol Whipped. While no way as piss-poor as the festering wart of hatred for the art of the cinema that was Attack Force, this is not the sleek continuation of the rather good Urban Justice I was hoping for, though it did have 5-6 lines worth of excellent baddy acting by (pottery by) Lance Henriksen . What made it more interesting though, is the increasing power of the Seagal ego in the dialogue. I’m pretty used to women being inexplicably attracted to the hamlike akidoka, but I did not expect the following lines (as I remember them, I’m not watching it again):

INT – Bedroom – Our hero and leading lady lay in post coital contemplation

Girl: <Big rant about the glass ceiling, followed by>… and that’s when I realised what I really needed to get ahead was a dick
Big Steve: Well, I don’t think I’d like you so much with a dick. Especially if it was bigger than mine.
Girl: I don’t think that’s possible.

I believe they call it ‘creative control’.


The Onion Asks…

March 3rd, 2009

Are violent video games doing enough to prepare our kids for the actual post apocalyptic nightmare we all face?

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

Local Internet Video

February 14th, 2009

Very strange sensation on reading B3ta this week, seeing a mildly amusing tree based video, and realising it was shot in the little park my flat looks out over (though at that time someone hadn’t written ‘I did yo mum’ on the path in chalk)!



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